50,000 YFIC Token Distribution to Community

To join YFIC  Airdrop just enter your email and your Ethereum address below.Please read the rules carefully!


To buy YFIC token from Pre-Sale Phase 2, send ETH from your wallet to our Pre Sale Address:


Pre-Sale Phase 1 Price : 1 ETH = 250 YFIC

Minimum purchase : 0.5 ETH – Maximum purchase : 50 ETH

Total only 19,000 YFIC left for Pre-Sale Phase 2.

Once you have sent ETH to our Pre Sale Address ,YFIC tokens will be transferred to your wallet immediately.It may take 5 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the network conditions.

The number of YFIC tokens you receive depends on the amount of ETH you send to Pre Sale Address.

KYC is not require for Pre-Sale .

We only accept ETH for the Pre-Sale.

Don’t send ETH from exchanges.

Any questions, Feel free to contact us via email : [email protected] or DM CharlesSUN (For Pre-Sale only) &  PlanetX



The Airdrops Ended